HERMES Hermes Garden TwillyTTPM □I Stamp Made in 2005 Vaux Swift Women's Handbag DH70696 [Used] AB Rank

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Product management number (product URL):9870-DH70696
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  • Second hand AB rank
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Outer: Slightly with Rubbered
Corner: Rubberd
Rim: Rubbered
Inner: Rubbered, slightly dented
Bottom: Rubbered
Handle: Cracks, Rubbed, Fading on vanish

There is a feeling of use a little, but it is a product that can still be used.
Country of production: France
Product Description: A compact and cute size garden TwillyTTPM made of high-quality Hermes leather has arrived. Twilly is a fashionable bag that is one point.
Others: Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the image.
TypeBrand bag
Color ブラウン / ハバナ(ブラウン)
MaterialVaux Swift
SizeHaround155mm x Waround230mm x Daround105mm
Handle: around31cm
PocketOpening and closing type: snap button
AccessoriesStorage bag Twilly

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